the facts ma'am:
name: lenora dark
location: dallas, tx
born: 11th november
personality: INFJ (Counselor Idealist)
eye colour: hazel. mostly yellow / green.
hair colour: black
skin tone: somewhat ridiculously pale
height: 5 ft. 9 in. (175 cm)
weight: 125 lb. (57 kg)
dress size: 2 / 4 (32 / 34)
shoe size: 8 / 8.5 (38.5 / 39)
measure: 34 | 25 | 35 in. (86 | 64 | 89 cm)
blood: irish + french + a bit of dutch
tattoos: thirteen (chest by scott ellis)
stuff about me:
articulacy; creativity; subtlety; an appreciation for david lynch, avant garde couture (comme des garcons, junya watanabe, alexander mcqueen et al), and bleak landscapes; christian louboutins; the ability to use a thesaurus; good branding; the word 'cohesive'
long lines at the bank; unnecessary traffic jams; airport security; corporate red-tape; incompetent starbucks employees; birds; people who think they're ingenious and clever by using my tattoos as conversation ice-breakers; dirty rotten cheaters; bad graphic design
about me:
I'm an executive creative director at an interactive media company / art director / model / hair stylist / makeup artist / wardrobe stylist / fast driver / mechanic / animal rescuer / personal spell-checker and walking dictionary.

I'm also a vegetarian (with the exception of the occasional sushi binge), and don't eat refined sugar, processed foods, or saturated fat.

I change my hair style constantly.
I am the absolute definition of a Scorpio.
I am Ornithophobic.
I am annoyed by people who call me "Goth".
My ribcage is flexible and I can move each side independently.
I have a Siberian Husky named Bruce Wayne who is my bestest buddy ever.
animalia : lemur catta | theraphosidae | reptilia